The pilote

The pilote

Born in Turin, he obtained a gliding license at the age of 16. Currently in possession of a motor-plane driver's license, on top of the right to operate on glaciers, obtained in Sion (CH), he has to his credit more than 1000 landings on snow covered areas and over 2,500 flight hours.

He traversed aviation history by flying on fighter aircraft from the First and Second World Wars, acrobatic training planes, not to mention modern aircraft in general aviation. For example; Fokker DVII, Vickers Supermarine Spitfire, Bucker


An acrobatic pilot, not only of motor-planes but also of gliders, on Pilatus B4, ASK21 and Swift S1, he can boast participation at various acrobatic championships in France, at the German national championship, the Italian national championship, the Swiss national championship, the 1993 world championships in Holland, and the 1994 European championships in Rieti. In addition, he participated in six Italian gliding championships.

An adventure that marked the man, as well as the pilot, and was the realisation of his childhood dream: to own and fly the legendary Spitfire. In Paris in 1984 he has in fact been awarded the Phoenix.

diploma from the International Aeronautic Federation for the restoration and the flight demonstration of the Spitfire MkVIII, (I-SPIT) at Italian and European air shows.

He distinguished himself at hundreds of international events in France, Austria, England, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and of course Italy, demonstrating historical, acrobatic planes, and gliders with figures belonging to the best tradition of the Flying Circus e.g. with the Boeing Stearman and a lady wingwalker.

He has made television appearances related to air shows on TG2 Motori, and the program of the RAI 1 “Per tutta la vita” where he exhibited with a wingwalker.

He participated at the shooting of the film “The English Patient” (by Antony Minghella, 9 Oscar awards) as pilot of the Stearman, which for the occasion had a yellow livery.