Falco F.8L

Falco F.8L  I-GEOR

Built in Trento in 1959 and registered in January 1960, designed by Stelio Frati, who won the Golden Compass with the Falco.

The first owner, an excellent pilot from Turin, flew the I-GEOR in Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt and the Canaries in the 60s, flying without radio and with basic

instrumentation (no GPS etc.).The second owner, a flight enthusiast, flew the I-GEOR mainly in the Alps.

In 1967 the I-GEOR found a new owner, Albano Grosso, who adopted it with his wife Franca Rossetti. They began a long career in the competitive skies of Italy and Europe. The I-GEOR and its pilots preformed very well, winning many competitions including 5 rounds of Sicily and 4 Italian championships.

In the spring of 2008, after 41 years of real pleasure shared with its aeronautical pilot, Albano Grosso, the I-GEOR found a new pilot, Franco Actis. He began to fly at Torino Aeritalia in 1962, and always followed with admiration the flights of the I-GEORIS.

This time, after 49 years spent at the Torino Aero Club, the I-GEOR changed base, flew East and landed at its new home, the airport of Aguscello, a few kilometres South-East of Ferreira, and 40 kilometres from the Adriatic Sea, where it was completely renovated.

The I-GEOR, the only remaining Falco in Italy, with its original factory data from Aeromere in 1959, will join a flying circus of historic aircraft. With its extraordinary lines, it will be proudly exhibited at major aeronautical events.

L' entered in production of Falco in 1956

Specifications :

Wingspan : 8 m

Wing surface area : 10.00 m2

Angle: 5 °

Wing Loading: 80 Kg

Length: 6.5 m

Internal cockpit width: 105 cm

Height: 2.3 m

Engine: Lycoming 0-320-A2B of 150 hp

Propeller: Hartzell

Battery life: 4.5 hours

Fully laden weight: 800 kg

Weight: 520 kg

Climbing rate: 5.5 m / sec. (170 Km/h.)

Maximum altitude: 6200 m.

Maximum speed: 320 km / h

Cruising speed: 290 km / h

VNE: 400 km / h.

Load factors: 6g + / - 3g